Fast Facts About CDHS

The Center for Development of Human Services is a program of the Research Foundation for SUNY at Buffalo State. We invite you to explore this and other pages on this site to learn more about our nationally recognized training organization. Here are some fast facts about the Center’s work between 2002–2017:

We have conducted and evaluated over 30,000 training events. Here is a look at who we have trained over the last decade.

Who We Train 2002-2012

We have trained over 480,000 participants across the regions comprising New York State. This includes training in rural, urban, and suburban settings.

Hover your mouse over the region on the map of New York state below to view the number of participants the Center has trained.

New York State Region Map Region 1 Buffalo 56,268 Participants Region 2 Rochester 38,384 Participants Region 3 Syracuse 47,215 Participants Region 4 Capital District, North and South 50,685 Participants Region 5 Metropolitan New York 47,874 Participants Region 6 New York City 107,961 Participants

Approximately 140,000 individuals were trained by the Center in areas outside of the traditional six regions of New York State.