Developing More Than Just Great Products

Today’s workforce in human services needs creative solutions based on cutting-edge research. Training begins with quality content, and the best training ensures transfer of learning to the job. Read on to learn about our research efforts, the creation of training products through our Instructional Design and Development Division, and our workforce development programs outside the classroom.

Instructional Design and Development

Training in the human services field cannot succeed unless it uses engaging, educationally sound curriculum and educational products. Whether developing curricula for the New York State Child Welfare Training Institute or creating innovative online suicide prevention training and materials for students at Buffalo State, the Center excels at designing educational solutions for our training sponsors.

These solutions are developed through our Instructional Design and Development (IDD) Division. Our team works with program sponsors such as the New York State Office of Children and Family Services to create curricula, trainer resources, and participant workbooks for on-the-ground training. We also have expertise in designing and developing e-learning and educational videos, from initial storyboarding through final production. Further, we can develop customized applications for electronic instruction. Our publication and subject matter experts provide writing, editing, and content organization expertise for newsletters, brochures, proposals, curricula, and online documents. Our graphic designers craft visual support materials, including print documents, posters, three-dimensional and desk aids, e-learning graphics, and conference packets. See samples of our work.

Workforce Development

The Center supports transfer of learning in many ways. In addition to web-based and classroom-based training for front-line employees and supervisors offered through one of our training institutes, we can also offer coaching, on-the-job assessment, and skill clinics at your agency’s site. Our wide range of expertise in the human services field can benefit your company. We will meet with you to conduct a thorough needs assessment and discuss customized solutions to strengthen your workforce. Learn more about these other services.

Collaborative Research Initiative (CRI)

The Center for Development of Human Services Collaborative Research Initiative staff work with faculty and professional staff to enhance products developed by the Center for its sponsors. Our Collaborative Research Initiative program coordinates research efforts between our trainers and college faculty and staff at Buffalo State and the University at Buffalo. Several kinds of partnerships exist and, depending on specific research and scholarship interests, faculty and staff can participate at one of five partnership levels. You can learn more about these research partnerships through our Faculty Partnership Program page.

For more information about the division’s services, contact Jeanette Koncikowski, Senior Manager of Instructional Design and Development, at (716) 796-2110.