Management Leadership Institute

Kristin Fields, Manager of Management Leadership Institute
Kristin Fields, Manager

Composed of skilled trainers and facilitators who can relate to organizational staff on every level from support staff to commissioners, the Management Leadership Institute (MLI) has provided both New York State and local district social services staff with specialized training and technical assistance to improve the quality and efficiency of client services. MLI has provided innovative technical assistance to social services organizations across the state in response to challenges and changes that have resulted from initiatives such as Welfare-to-Work, the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA), Family Health Plus, and Facilitated Enrollment.

Effectively combining information gathered from content experts with a thorough working knowledge of adult learning styles, MLI staff are able to train in many areas of social services, including all of the following types of programs:

  • Organizational development, including strategic planning, conducting management reviews, coaching managers and project teams, and planning and facilitating retreats
  • Training in basic management practices and quality improvement tools for both state and local district staff
  • Training in performance measures, facilitation skills, leadership development, succession planning, and strategic planning for local districts statewide
  • Training of trainers
  • Specialized training, including workshops tailored for staff working in Medicaid, public assistance, child/teen health programs, long-term home health care, managed care, and children’s services
  • Web-based electronic performance support resources for new workers in local districts
  • Specialized training and technical assistance, including strategic planning, organizational development, workflow analysis, coaching, supervisory seminars, and other specialized topics for Erie County Department of Social Services (ECDSS) management and staff
  • Process reviews

For more information about our program offerings and to discuss the unique needs of your organization, contact , Manager, Management Leadership Institute at (716) 796-2095.