Our Training

Our training is grounded in service to human needs: the needs of learners, their organizations, and the people they serve in the greater community. Our trainers represent diverse backgrounds in the human services field. They are dedicated to the growth of their trainees, as well as their own professional development.

While other training programs typically address the cognitive and/or technical needs of trainees, our curricula recognize the full human participant. Each activity is carefully designed to advance learning objectives organized in three clusters:

  • the knowledge (and reasoning behind it) necessary to meet the needs of workers and the people to whom they are accountable
  • the experiences, beliefs, values, self-awareness, and appreciation necessary to commit to performing in a manner responsive to the needs of those served by the learners
  • the skills required to achieve the outcomes targeted by the training program

As an organization, we are highly sensitive to the value of transfer-of-learning strategies and are prepared to develop them in collaboration with all our high-achieving sponsors. Additionally, all of our training programs include an evaluative component customized to the needs of the sponsoring organization. Our commitment is to maximizing learning and its value to all of the stakeholders served by our programs.