Leaders in Social Service Training and Organizational Development

The Center for Development of Human Services, a program of the Research Foundation for SUNY at Buffalo State, has a staff of nearly 150, including 70 trainers and senior trainers, and various other professionals and support personnel, each of whom is committed to helping to deliver high-quality outcome-based training and technical support to over 62,000 participants and program area stakeholders each year. We also train and develop curricula and materials for another 2,000 students through an innovative Buffalo State campus initiative to support students’ mental health.

In order to meet this demanding workload, our training specialists are assisted by a full staff of professional instructional designers, graphic designers, multimedia and technology specialists, editors, and evaluators. These experts create innovative, compelling training materials for both on-the-ground training and e-learning, develop and administer cutting-edge training support systems, develop assessment instruments, and conduct real-time follow-up evaluations. Additional staff provide necessary office support, announce and schedule training deliveries, make travel arrangements for trainees and staff, and ensure that training-related materials are printed, compiled, and shipped in a timely manner.

While the Center’s headquarters are located in Buffalo, New York, a significant number of staff are located at our training locations in Albany, New York City, Syracuse, and Rochester. We also provide distance learning through our e-learning portal and customized solutions to allow participants to reach our training from across the country or the globe.